Research Consultancy
Research Consultancy
The iRASD is an international research consultancy that is based in Pakistan. We deliver research, market intellect, and evaluation services to a range of clients operating in the fields of education and skills, third sector/international expansion and business.

The iRASD makes the ground among academic institutions, Government and private sectors are the central heart we do. To attain a stable system, we helped the organizations to work for excellent research and also work to shape and enhanced scholarly communications by the use of active research.

We addressed the issues from research, helping our clients to develop and maintained international reputational academic disciplines. Although we help universities to identifies and realized knowledge- based exchange and commercialization opportunities.

We specialize in research, and we have a deep understanding of the funding and policy environment within which it takes place. Which means we can rapidly move towards the heart of the problems faced by our clients. We can draw according to our understandings and system to find explanations. We have a genuine desire to make a difference to the way research is managed, disseminated and commercialized, and set ourselves the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We are working with our clients, and use quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand the context and evidence-based research to any project to deliver fresh insights.

We make sure project results are clear from the outset. We do everything in our power to deliver refined results, on time, and budget. We give high-quality productions in written, graphical and video formats. If we are not the right people for a project, we will inform you honestly on the other hand if we are fully committed, we will deterioration opportunities rather than sell existing clients short.