International Research Alliance for Sustainable Development (IRASD) is an international professional body for research, trainings and innovative solutions ensuring sustainable development for a better future. IRASD was established to initiate, assist the application of research to the solution of the problem related to sustainable development through trainings, publications, seminars, conferences. Today, the society serves as a meeting ground for professionals, academicians, researchers and policy makers, providing a forum for communication among researchers and promoting the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the areas relating to sustainable development.

What We Do
iRASD Services
IRASD supports the community with specialist trainings and qualification, professional membership, cutting-edge conferences, glittering awards and advice on best practice. IRASD provides the following services:
  • Professional Development – Through qualifications, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), mentoring, skills mapping and specialist training, we upskill individuals and organizations to promote sustainable development.
  • Publications – IRASD publishes academic journals, books, newsletters and magazines to disseminate state of the art research relating to development for all living beings.
  • Awards – IRASD hosts key awards including the Excellence Awards and IRASD awards for individuals and organizations.
  • Events – Our comprehensive events including specialist conferences, Annual General Meetings, Speaker Evenings, and a Roadshow.
What Else We Provide
iRASD Services

IRASD Jobfinder – # 1 job finder site which connects millions of people to new opportunities every day. Through this service job finders can not only find new job openings but also can seek guidance for preparing themselves to get job.

IRASD ResearchLive – conclusive and classic news site featuring in-depth articles from impact factor journals and magazines.

IRASD Data – comprehensive data portal which provides access to our time series, panel and cross-sectional data. Our clients can also access this service to obtain customized data according to their requirements and data analysis services can also be hired.

IRASD Research for Businesses and NGOs – Tips and case studies for how SMEs can use research to grow their business. IRASD also provides research facilities to NGOs to facilitate their research project needs.