iRASD Individual Membership (Premium)
iRASD Individual Membership
iRASD Basic Membership is for individuals pursuing an academic degree (undergraduate or graduate) from an academic institution and not full-time employees of any organization.

iRASD Individual Premium Membership is for individuals, academics and scholars, of all ages and backgrounds. The professional membership fee is 2000 annually.
Benefits of Premium membership
Premium Benefits
iRASD membership provides an exceptional opportunity to be a part of a leading global academic organization, network and platform that is committed to nurturing the very best in interdisciplinary research in the global public interest.

Our conferences and expanding network bring together faculty and students from around the world and allow them to meet and interact in an open, and impartial setting. Each conference also offers excellent opportunities to engage with global leaders from diverse fields and a growing global community.

  • Discounts on conference registration. Membership allows a 10 percent discount on any conference registration package.
  • Free events. Certain special events will be offered to premium members.
  • Tailored content. Notifications of video, audio and podcast highlights from our events, tailored to your interests. A quarterly membership newsletter with content tailored to your interests.
  • Upload and manage your profile. A customizable profile page that allows you to upload your academic profile, as well as share your research interests, areas of experience and expertise, and contact information with other members. On these member profiles, through the privacy settings, you will be able to indicate whether or not you would be open to offers of collaboration, cooperation or consultancy with other members.

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Expiry: 25/07/2023