The International Research Association and Sustainable Development (iRASD) is directed and managed mainly by professors, graduate researchers and alumni from top-ranked universities in Pakistan and other emerging and developing economies. The national/international advisory committee is the main decision-making body of iRASD, composed of distinguished members of the faculties in the field of social and behavioral sciences who volunteer for their objectives and activities. The aim is to address complex and multidisciplinary issues through the integration of innovation, social inclusion and evocation through political debate and research efforts.

Associate members of iRASD are ambitious young academics who aspire to become tomorrow’s academic leaders and work for sustainable development, business, and society. At the administrative level, they work closely with the iRASD advisory committee to plan and execute academic activities and provide consultancy solutions. They reaffirm the organization’s vision and mission and contribute effectively to the planning and implementation of various initiatives. Associate researchers are academic leaders in emerging and developing economies who share concerns about contributing to socio-economic problems, environmental issues, electricity problems and ecological policies and practices. Together, all members of the Advisory Board, associates and associated researchers share the common vision: “iRASD“.